Juan Forero describes the Venezuelan economic crisis from the hinterland of Tachira

I have to admit that this country bumpkin blogger is pickled pink when a major newspaper publishes an article about Venezuela economic crisis that does include the word "Caracas" only in the name of the university of consulted professors.  Yes, that is right, maybe because of his residence in Bogota but Juan Forero does an excellent job on describing how the economy of Tachira border state has simply collapsed due to the mismanagement of the Venezuelan economy, and the anti Colombian political whims of Chavez.  A must read article in that it describes the effect on the people and the whole country that an ideological government without viable plan, and even less capacity to implement  it, inflicts on a nation it considers its own playground.

When you read Forero you can sense how hard it was for him to keep his objectivity quoting Chavez that he did not consider a drop in GDP for 2010 anything to worry about.