MUD as the mouse that roared

The worst statue is the opposition
Despondency is the word today.  The opposition negotiation device, MUD, is never finishing up its list of candidates, allegedly representing unity.  We are going from postponement of the announcement to further postponement and as I type there is no guarantee that we will see the MUD respect its latest of the latest deadlines after the previous one have been unmet and unmet.  And from the extra-official news, we can be nonplussed at the underwhelming list of candidates offered.  Barboza for Zulia main seat while Goicochea is relegated to a third place in Parlatino?  Ever the eternal loser William Davila again in Merida for the only safe seat there?

Rayma's cartoon is right and to the point.  The opposition seems to believe that the election of September is won and it is afraid to make any move, any wave that could change the present status quo.  A few days ago I was hoping that the glacial response to the country's reality by the MUD was starting to shift some when the MUD put the military debate in the political debate reminding the army that it was not there to serve the president ambition.  But that was that and what matters the most, an impacting list of bright candidates, is not coming through, leaving the field to a lot of recycled garbage of proven failures.

I do not mean to be totally negative.  After all unity seems to have been reached and that is not small feat.  Also the new National Assembly cannot be composed of fresh baby faces that will be eaten alive by the chavista sharks who do not play fair, not to mention their innate ability to drag you down in the lowest of the gutter.  We need indeed some experienced fighting guys such as Ismael Garcia who deserves his place in the Aragua safe seat, to give you an example.  But William Davila?  Omar Barboza?  Not even the decency to run in a contested seat to prove their electoral worth.  Oh boy.......