Colombia results

The electoral commission over there closed voting stations at 4 PM.  At 5:05 PM on my lap top I could read the results as of communique #14, tabulating 79,86% of the votes cast.  All in Colombia was manual voting.  All.

And here in Venezuela the CNE still owes us the final real result of the 2007 referendum, in a system where all is automated for speed.

The other night I was watching Vanessa Davies in VTV interviewing some pro Chavez Colombian as to the elections over there.  I was curious and with time on my hands.  At some point Vanessa stated shamelessly that in Colombia all was manual, just like in Venezuela before, when there was electoral fraud everywhere according to her.  Visibly this poor woman, who once upon a time wrote the rational science page of El Nacional, has sold herself to the cult.

The thing is that in Venezuela probably the results arrive fast at the CNE but they must go through Chavez before published so he has time to prepare, arrange, improve, whatever.

As for the Colombian results you will need to wait for my post tomorrow :)  though I can tell you that the mistakes in opinion polls will set a new record as they go directly into the hall of shame.