Dizzy with news, and by the stench of rotten food

I am reading that my retreat option, Europe, is going down hill fast since the Greece bankruptcy happened.  I was reading about the strong measures taken already by some countries, including Greece closing down 2/3 of its  town-halls, admittedly small affairs of little use created to provide public jobs sector to remote areas.

In Venezuela I read of no such things, just Chavez gloating that it is the end of capitalism, that the Venezuelan collapse is not affecting its followers, only the opposition that is happy with it.  No measures, nothing, not even firing a responsible party for show.  Instead attacks to Polar, just as we learn horrified that food imported last year for Mercal and PDVAL was never taken out of Puerto Cabello, and went to waste.  It would be 1300 containers, of about 20 to 30 metric tons each.  That is at the very least 26,000 tons of FOOD!  And Polar was accused of hoarding 114 tons of food while the corruption and incompetence of the government allowed to go to waste 228 times that amount.  Is there going to be an investigation?  Will someone go to jail for that?  Will we have at least a minister fired?