Keeping an eye on Venezuela's waters

Here you have a very interesting video about how satellite observation can help us to understand what is going on with water resources.

I found the second part of the video particularly interesting for Venezuela.

I wrote already in Spanish about the huge mess with water resources in my region. Other bloggers like Miguel and Daniel have written a lot about the mess with the Guri Dam and other sources of hydroelectric power in Venezuela now. I have little hope the current government will come up with sustainable solutions to these problems but I can imagine we will be able to use satellite studies in the middle term to monitor in a more intelligent way Venezuela's hydrological resources.

In any case, when the time comes and we have that kind of permanent monitoring used by Venezuelan scientists, I think it would be imperative that they keep the public and not just some governmental institution or NGOs informed about how things are evolving: have major changes been detecting in the Orinoco basin? What is happening with the oil fields around the Delta? And what about the Tacarigua Lake? How does the data compare to what we had one, two years earlier?