A good chuckle for you: the NED cannot fund SUMATE but Venezuela can fund political activities wherever it wants

Sometimes in Venezuela political reality is stranger than ideological fiction.

Today the Venezuelan High Court, TSJ, emitted a ruling against SUMATE based all but solely in that SUMATE had no right to petition the High Court because it was a US agent. Signed by Carrasquero, the man that approved the 2004 recall election fraud and who was compensated by getting a plum 12 year TSJ job from where he can get his revenge on SUMATE who detailed all the misdeeds he did while he was the CNE president.  You can read the lines that Carrasquero wrote with total lack of self consciousness:
"una típica manifestación de la política intervencionista de una potencia extranjera", [la cual busca] "incidir en los asuntos internos del Estado venezolano, toda vez que la aportación de recursos, es sin duda, una de las modalidades a través de las cuales se sirven los distintos centros de poder (entre ellos otros estados), para el fomento de sus intereses, incluso, fuera de sus fronteras". [sic, yes, for those of you who can read Spanish]
"a typical manifestation of the interventionist policy of a foreign power [that seeks] influence the internal matters of the Venezuelan State since bringing in resources is without a doubt one of the ways through which different centers of power (among them other states) use to promote their interests, even outside of their borders"

Carrasquero certainly has no objection about the Venezuelan resources liberally spent in Bolivia and Ecuador and Nicaragua to sustain the regimes over there, with amounts of money that surpass by several orders of magnitude whatever the NED gave Venezuela.  OR has anyone forgotten, for example, the hundred of ambulances given to Bolivia a few weeks before Evo's reelection, when ambulances are in short supply in Venezuela?

But it got better, in the sentence handed down the TSJ makes it easier for the numerous proceedings against SUMATE to carry on, possibly with the aim of shutting it down by, arresting its leaders before September 26?  Maybe it is time to reactivate an old blog written to defend SUMATE at the height of the attack, 5 years ago.

At any rate, the amorality of people like Carrasquero keeps leaving us stunned, even after all these years.  Then again Carrasquero is one of those who would lose their job fast and end up on a judicial bench if chavismo were to be booted out of office (I personally count that a post Chavez de-chavistization like a denazification will be necessary and would include about a couple of hundred people at least, but maybe enough).  He is a mean amoral idiot but he is not stoopid.