He died; and I passed by

About a year ago, probably a bit longer, I had a job interview in the same building where OAS office is located. I noticed a man at the left corner of this building entrance, laying on a stretcher, covered with blankets and surrounded by posters that explained why he was there. I read them at a glance, something about lands, and private property, another rough poster that declared he was making a hunger strike. I thought on talking to him moved by curiosity but I didn't do it. Then I thought maybe he was sleeping under those blankets. But I didn't do it because I was too shy to approach him, or too coward. I passed by, entered the building, and had my job interview. I didn't got the job so I didn't know what happened to that man, until a few weeks later when he appeared at the news. Then I knew his name: Franklin Brito (read about him here) He died today. I passed by when his fight was only starting, when I had the chance to say something. I went to this crappy job interview instead. I'm so sorry. My prays go to him and his family.
- there is no rest -