Three more idiocies for you today, directly from Chavez himself

In the last post I gave you two chavista idiocies.  Coming back home tonight I can add three from the big man himself.

I will start with Chavez calling CNN "imbeciles".  Just like that, directly, because they passed a documentary he did not like,  This is important because Chavez calling some one an imbecile is quite something considering what comes next in this post.  He is such an imbecile himself that he repeats recent idiotic words of Fidel about general education in the US.  Chavez cannot even be original in his insults.

Fortunately TeleSur is way more sympathetic than the imbeciles at CNN.  They report that Chavez is going to ask a law for urban agriculture so that cities can produce their own food from their wasted spaces and surroundings.  I wrote recently about how Chavez is so full of nothing that he cannot even read a map, suggesting that oil will be exported from La Guaria.  Well, this law is equally stupid, in particular for Caracas (amen of other cities that grow in desert areas such as Maracaibo, Punto Fijo, Coro or Cumana).  With at least 5 million people the metropolitan area of Caracas (and around Caracas, let's toss that in) lacks the arable land, water, soil, whatever, to feed, even in the best of cases, half a million people.  Unless of course Chavez decides that national parks should be put to produce food...  and even then, once you have cut down the Avila, Guatopo and maybe Henri Pittier, I doubt you could feed a couple of million people, even assuming that by some miracle chavista agriculture becomes efficient.  Unless you force people to move?

If Telesur did not realized the imbecility of Chavez words, we did got quite an clear the finally declared intention of creating ration cards, Cuba style.  Of course, Chavez thinks we are imbeciles and calls them  "cedula del buen vivir", ID cards of the good living.  That is, special cards which will allow you buy just what is just for you to buy.  ABC of Spain, for one, is not fooled and put in its article title "tarjetas de racionamiento", rationing cards.  Like in the good old days of war time, or peace time in Cuba for that matter.

There is only one true imbecile here, the one that believes the other guys are more imbecile than what he is.