Ideas for Venezuela: show what pluralism is

The current site of the Venezuelan National Assembly contains mostly propaganda for Chávez and insults for alternative forces, just like any other governmental site in Venezuela. Chávez honchos ignore the difference between "state" and "government". C'état? C'est moi. This is part of the so-called "participatory democracy".

The German Bundestag is quite a different story

The alternative forces coming to the Venezuelan National Assembly have to show Venezuelans what pluralism is. How? Among other things, by distributing everywhere in Venezuela clear information about what pluralism actually looks like abroad - in Germany, in Chile, in Canada, in Switzerland or Japan- and by showing the differences of that - the level of debate, the use of state media by all political actors, the accountability in real time - to what we have in Venezuela now.

Venezuelan democratic forces also have to show to the outside world what the military regime in Venezuela -or "civic-military revolution", as it likes calling itself- thinks about pluralism and democracy.

The Spanish Congress, with all its issues, is another example of an institution where pluralism plays a basic role.