The time has arrived!

Dear readers

Censorship on Internet has just been voted. There is one article that lists all the prohibitions on any media including Internet. There is a translation with a mention of appropriate past posts that could be considered violations according to the censors, such as the Golinger tart. (1)  Let's start first with the offenses this blog has and will make again.

1. To start or promote hate and intolerance for religious reasons, political or sexual differences, for racism or xenofobia.

Am I to understand that criticizing Iran fundamentalism, their stoning of women, their hanging of gays is a demonstration of religious intolerance on my part?

2.  Incite or promote the apology to delinquency.

Are historical comparisons, frequent in this blog, to be questioned?  Criticizing the delinquency of the regime is included?  Because let's be clear about this: if you support a noted corrupt official you are violating that item.  Heard that Aporrea?

3.  Constitute pro war propaganda

So, if I congratulate the Colombian government on their operations against the FARC I could find myself in jail?  If I support operations against the Taliban I am promoting war?

4. Create restlessness in society or perturb public order

If the opposition organizes a march and that I support it and that I defend the, say, students that defended themselves against police brutality, am I promoting the perturbation of public order?  If I report that there is no milk or flour on the shelves, am I promoting perturbation of public order?  The newspapers can report food scarcity but can a blog say so?  Can a tweet report where food is available and thus generate a stampede through massive retweeting?

5.  Do not recognize the authorities legitimately constituted

When I list three representatives as accusing them of promoting a legal coup d'etat, am I violating that item?  When I say that Rafael Ramirez is a crook, am I attempting against the security of the nation?

6.  Lead to homicide

Even that one I cannot escape because if I write that I wish that Chavez or Cilia Flores end up in jail to rot for their sins I am actually exposing them to homicide!  at least in notoriously infamous Venezuelan jails.

7.  Lead to or promote the non-compliance of the current legal order

This is perhaps the worst one because promoting a mere boycott becomes already a crime!!!!!!  Even suggesting the call for a constitutional assembly becomes as of today a crime!!!!!!!!!  This is the catch 22 because if calling for a constitutional assembly happens and such an assembly is elected then it would subvert the current order and as such is a thought in the future crime, or something of the sort.  You can be sure that the Cuban advisors will find a way to use this item #7 widely against web pages, blogs et al.

Thus the time has arrived, censorship of Internet is here.  Now, needless to say that I have not the vaguest intention to abide by these illegal rules that I do not recognize (which as of now makes me already a criminal).   However I need to start seriously to think about proxies, codes etc...  and I will need help from readers.  More on that later, but this post for the time being to let you know that censorship has arrived in Internet, and the worse kind because before I am punished it will be the net provider that will be punished first and thus the regime forces the providers to become censors, a hallmark of totalitarian regimes, forced informing.....  The cowardice of this regime is for all to see.

1) The Spanish version in the voted draft unless some last minute changes were made.

1. Inciten o promuevan el odio y la intolerancia por razones religiosas, políticas,por diferencia de género, por racismo o xenofobia.
2. Inciten o promuevan y/o hagan apología al delito.
3. Constituyan propaganda de Guerra
4. Fomenten zozobra en la ciudadanía o alteren el orden público.
5. Desconozcan a las autoridades legítimamente constituidas.
6. Induzcan al homicidio.
7. Inciten o promuevan el incumplimiento del ordenamiento jurídico vigente