Chavez is the only one that does not need to wear gloves to handle Simon Bolivar's sword

In a day rich in idiocies this one takes the cake in idiocy ,and sycophancy. In the CNN video below (In Spanish but trust me, you really do not need to understand Spanish to get it), Chavez receives the new president of the National Assembly, Soto Rojas, and offers him to handle the sword of Simon Bolivar. Why? Who cares in the bolibananian revolution. However one thing is certain from the video:  ONLY Chavez is allowed to handle the sword of Bolivar without gloves, not even the president of the National Assembly can do so. Then again in a perverse way I must agree partially with Chavez. After the speech of Soto Rojas at the taking of the gavel ceremony, if I really, really must chose between Chavez and Soto to handle the sword I still prefer Chavez.

I mean, are chavistas that clueless? Because Chavez on that is not clueless, he works at his deity status and he succeeds because these assholes are only too willing to let him succeed. The pathetic example of the lead of one of the powers of state submitting hismelf to Chavez, all but drooling, is just the latest one.   What gives? What is it? Special neuronal connection? Plain idiocy? Too much booze?