Guess the country!

This sunny and warm country has been ruled by a family over more than a decade.  The regime speaks about the people and empowerment and modernization and gives lots of visible role to women.  Yet rampant corruption is reported at all levels and even more at the level of the presidential family and its entourage.  In fact through wikileaks the local US embassy reports how the president's family and entourage muscle they way into any private prosperous business.  Eventually popular protests became so strong that eventually the president was forced to flee the country for an Islamic country willing to hoist him.  Which country am I talking of?

If you answered Venezuela you were wrong, it is Tunisia.

OK, OK, so I admit that I forced my hand a tad here.  But did I?  Are we not seeing in Venezuela the sudden rise to riches of too many people who in 1998 had to take public transportation?  Is it not corruption an everyday affair now?  Are we not seeing more and more public protests?  Add a decade more and some more wikileaks releases and you are almost there.

May this serve as a warning to Chavez and his corrupt entourage: reckoning always come.