King James Sunday

Although a scientist heathen, I got many years ago the habit of keeping one Bible on my night stand, and only one: the King James one.  Today I learned from the NYT  that this version is today 400 years old.

Why would I keep a King James next to me?  Well, first it is buried together with at least a dozen books, the very least I keep in my night stand, without counting magazines.  Neither it is because I am a closet protestant: I am clear in one thing, if I ever were to return to a religion it would be the Catholic one.  See, I think that if you can convert then you never believed in the first place and you will likely not believe in the second instance.  In my personal observation, conversions today have more of a tribal component than a true metaphysical one.

No, the reason why I keep it is that very early on when I was learning English in college I realized that the King James was in English, or as the NYT writes:

The King James Bible has had an enormous impact on English for the very reason that it captures and preserves — and communicates down through the centuries — the unavoidable rhythms of good English. Its words are almost never Latinate, and its rhythms are never hampered by the literalism that afflicts other translations.

And that is why I have it, so that on occasion, maybe once every 6 months, I can indulge an urge to read a passage aloud, such as that famous shepherd psalm, or that Corinthian passage on love.