Things that bother you even if far away

Yours truly is on a business trip out of Venezuela.  Busy as he is, there is no time to read the papers and he limits himself to Miguel's blog.   Well, one read about the dismal scene of Chavez threatening the president of Banco Provincial was enough to wreck my productive day.  In that truly deplorable scene, for a piece of paperwork Chavez is threatening (taking away?) the Banco Provincial of Venezuela.

I am not letting myself be ensnared by the details of the case: there is one item that is trtuly, truly distrubing me.  Chavez speaks over the phone with his unfortunate victim (on cadena?) and after a few threats the guy demands to be put on audio too so that the country knows what he is saying exactly to Chavez.  And Chavez refuses.  The country can only hear the words of Chavez and what Chavez choses to report from the victimized part.

If that is not the hallmark of a totalitarian dictator, then I do not know what is it.