Melting away

Here you see a recent picture of Pico Humboldt. At 4,940 metres above sea level, it is Venezuela's second highest peak. It has two of the 5 remaining glaciers in Venezuela, glaciers that are receding very fast. As you can see, there is very little snow now. The picture was taken this January. For those of you who don't know much about Venezuela's location: that place is at 8°33 North.

Below you have a picture of the Humboldt Peak taken in 2001. Although the angle is not the same, you can have an idea about the changes.

I love mountaineering and have been practicing it since I was a child. I have seen how glaciers have been disappearing in other places of the world. And yet I can't help for being particularly sorry for this one.

Climate change is a very complex phenomenon we are still trying to grasp. We do know we humans are speeding it up. You get the picture.

Ps. Thanks to David for the first picture.
Ps 2. And thanks to Alpha for correcting my error while typing the peak's height. I must have been very high when I wrote it.