Qaddafi is not in Caracas, or where is James Bond when you need him?

We can either contemplate the horror of Libyan repression with a hint of genocide, or we can look to the ridiculous.

Let's look at the ridiculous, how the British Foreign secretary allows hismelf to say that Qaddafi is on his way to Venezuela.  Let me stress that, Mr. Hague said such, that his "credible" info seemed to point it that way.  I think that the British secret service needs to clone back 007 urgently.....  Because not only the Venezuelan regime hurried up in denying this thing but Qaddafi claims to be still in Libya (though of course we have no idea whether his recent "broadcast" was actually taped in Libya......)

Quickly, two things here. First, I hope for Mr. Hague's sake that indeed Chavez is getting ready to welcome Qaddafi otherwise his head will run (or some major collaborator that fed him such crap).  And two, it is a mark on how low the Chavez regime reputation has sunk that so many unquestioning people hung themselves to Hague's word and were already spotting Qaddafi shopping in Caracas malls.  OK, I exaggerate but you see my point, I am sure.

Now, in a rare show of support for Chavez, I, for one, do not think that the Chavez regime is foolish enough to welcome Qaddafi, who at this point might not even be welcome in Saudi Arabia.  Sudan for him, at the very best.  Then again Chavez antics  have proven me wrong in the past.

Yet I wish Chavez would welcome Qaddafi because this would only speed up the demise of Chavez as it would be his final break up with the civilized left.  I mean, could even Sean Penn support Chavez with Qaddafi quietly ensconced in Hato PiƱero?