Romero does Eva Golinger

One does not really know what to make up of the latest piece by NYT correspondent Simon Romero in Caracas.  After all, does someone like Eva Golinger deserve a full piece in the New York Times?  Well, I suppose that as an odd rarity, a US (former?) citizen who has some access to Chavez, she would draw some morbid interest by US Times readers.

Although certainly not flattering, the piece is not outright critical of Eva Golinger and one can sense that Mr. Romero worked hard at refraining from questioning the intellectual abilities of Ms. Golinger, something that this blogger never refrained from.  It seems that Eva was not pleased after all.  If she certainly could not resist from posting an article of the Times on her in her blog (heck, who can blame her on that!), she thought twice and decided to also post a "disclaimer", an odd choice of words as "addenda" or "correction" would have been more suited.

Anyway, even though I think that Eva did not deserve the honor of such an article she is clearly implied to be a mercenary for all her claims of nobility and disinterest.  That she had to state so in her blog shows that it was indeed the case.  However, where I strongly disagree is that Simon Romero claims that her blog is widely read.  If that is the case then it elicits little reactions from her readers.  Let's see if she gets more feedback now, at least enough to match the feedback seen in any English language opposition blog.