Less despondent in Caracas

I am in Caracas for a few days and that trip started well with the news that the French government has recognized the Libyan rebels as legitimate interlocutors.  In fact the French are about to send an ambassador to Benghazi, a position that few people in the world these days are crazy enough to wish for...

So Sarkozy is the first one and he created a lot of resentment among his much slower moving European partners though it seems that Cameron is willing to follow with the UK (not to mention that the US is looking more and more decided to do something).

Well, about time as Qaddafi seems able to strike back at the "rebels".  By the way, how can you be a rebel of a government that was never legitimately constructed and which has plundered the country for 41 years under a reign of terror?

At any rate, let me savor for a moment that my second country is taking the higher road, though I am not kidding myself that it might be a bold gambit to refurbish the tarnished image of France's government after the Tunisia fiasco, and a way to edge out Italy in Libya.  Quite a nice contrast with the president of my other country, crudely defending Qaddafi either himself or though paid pseudo intellectuals.