Reality check for Venezuelans

Venezuelan pupils are some of the few not allowed by their government to see this

Venezuelan public education sucks big time. Since 1998 the government decided to pull out of open international evaluation programmes on education...sort of "because we know better" and "the Cubans are giving us training" and "those capitalist schemes are not up to the socialist-Bolivarian revolution".

It would be great if the democratic parties would select some of the sample questions of the PISA programme, print them out on flyers and distribute them through Maturín and Calabozo, Morón and Southern Valencia. And they should add: "governments in most of South and North America, in Europe,  South Korea, Japan and China are letting their 15-year old pupils be tested on questions like these. Results are compared, published and discussed in order for people to find out ways of improving standards. The Venezuelan military government does not want to let Venezuelan pupils take part in those studies. Why?"