You can always count on the cowardice of the Arab League

So yesterday the anti Qaddafi alliance started bombing some military targets to stop Qaddafi advance, the more so that he was in violation of the UN resolution.

And guess what?

The Arab League spokesjerk comes out saying that the Arab league did not approve of the raids, that they did not want bombs, that they only wanted to protect civilians.

And how was the Arab league expecting to do that without bombing Qaddafi military targets?  Did we see Arab league soldiers land in Libya to interpose themselves between Qaddafi's mercenaries and the civilians of Benghazi?  Did we hear of concrete plans in the next couple of days of these guys to land?

Same story as always, they always manage to con the West into doing their dirty work and then they come out fast to defend their "people" from the crusaders...  and unfortunately we have no choice but to fall in their trap....

PS: note that I was not so naive as to expect effective help from the Arab League, but I am surprised at how shamelessly fast they started their flipflop.   A new record for the Guiness book of politics.