I'll see your Makled and I raise you a Lobo

Chavez, Santos and (OMG!) Lobo
One thing is certain: Colombians now take only cash with Chavez.  Once burned, you know, twice shy....

Chavez really, really wants narcocelebrity Walid Makeld back to Venezuela where a mock trial will silence, for a few weeks at least, all the narco charges pressed against some of the highest military ranks of the Venezuelan army, and who knows how many that are into the laundering system of Venezuela, made proficient through extensive washing of corruption dirty clothing.

So Santos had no trouble to force Chavez to seat down with cursed Honduras president Lobo and have the picture published, with a Chavez looking so ill at ease that for a brief instant I had some kind of sorry pity feeling for him.  But very brief, rest assured, as soon as I remembered that he has only himself to blame for all the blackmail that Santos and Colombia are putting him through.

Big hit for Santos if you ask me!  With an additional slap at Lula, by the way as now Roussef will have it easier to renew ties with Honduras.  Don't you love this moments of ground shifting?

How much more did Chavez pay for Makeld, by the way?