Chavez advertises even in Tal Cual: tax payer money for twitter ads for Chavez

What was my surprise today reading a strong editorial of Teodoro Petkoff in Tal Cual?  Well, that the spot for Google Ads was occupied by an advertisement for what is allegedly Chavez twitter account, @chavezcandanga (which I do not follow, by the way).  Of course, it was a coincidence but I could not fail to observe the irony that when in his editorial Petkoff attacks Chavez on the extreme abuses of cadenas, he is even further harassed by Chavez advertising next to the editorial. 

Indeed, last week was particularly heavy on cadenas, almost daily, and all long and illegal as pointing strictly to electoral purposes.  Smothering any local TV as the only escape is either to turn off your TV or radio or subscribe to cable TV.  Yes, that is right, for those forgetful, when Chavez is in cadena he can speak for as long as he wants, simultaneously on ALL Venezuelan TV networks and ALL radio stations.

But when you see that the government is paying Google to advertise for Chavez twits that he probably does not write....