I am so tired....

How many more times do we have to say, have to write that the chavista regime is a fascist one, that it is anti religious, antisemitic, anti basic human rights?  How long much do we have to tolerate those who do not tolerate us?

Last week the images of the "Divina Pastora" were shot at in diffrrent areas of Barquisimeto, followed by other symbols of the Catholic church. We start this week with a group of "organized homeless" trying to take over a Caracas synagogue.  This was not an empty building in search of usage: churches also are empty on week days.

These people know exactly what they are doing even if they might not know what a synagogue really is.  But they have heard the anti Jewish talk of the regime, the anti Catholic verborea of Chavez, the unacceptable recomedation of the "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" on the Venezuelan national state radio no less.

What does it take to make people understand, in particular the still existing Chavez apologists,  that when you let religious symbols being profanated as if nothing, then you are likely the next one in turn for profanation?

And do not come with the excuse that it might be people from the opposition that might have shot the Divina Pastora: if they did so it was because they knew it could be blamed on chavismo per Chavez disgraceful discourse.

And yours truly, the writer of this note, is a complete agnostic, for the record.  Yet he knows very well that agnostics also end up in concentration camps, as needed, behind the Jews, next to the Christians, left of the Muslims, ahead of the Atheist, a few steps away from the Buddhists.