And so serious rumors were right all along, Chavez has cancer

Before I enter into this post I must stress that I would never wish cancer on anyone, and that I want Hugo alive and well so some day he can face a court of justice for all the crimes he has committed.  This being said, his video tonight:

I am not going to start more speculation waves but there are a few details I do not like about that video.

First, the delivery. This was a stilted announcement that was read by Chavez, the first time I can remember him reading from a piece of paper. Coming from him who makes fun of people who prefer to read prepared statements, him the great improvisor never at a loss for words, it can mean only one of two things: he is really sick and was propped for that speech made short and sort of direct; or he did not write the speech at all and somehow was coaxed into reading it. For me it is yet more evidence that we are a Cuban colony

The second thing is that the time frame does not coincides with what the regime would have liked us to believe, that it all happened in Havana (and stayed in Havana?).  Chavez claims that it was AFTER the first surgery that they finally detected cancerous cells. Significantly after.  If we let logic carry the day that means that indeed his "knee" incident was the first surgery and that he went to Havana for the second one.  Why can't Chavez tell the whole truth and get over with it?  After all, not even myself would begrudge him his wishes to go to Havana for his second surgery and treatment to feel safer and away from paparazzi and the troubles of the country.

Which leads us into the third segment, the things that are left out and that now matter terribly.  Which cancer?  What prognosis?  as the president of Venezuela Chaevz owes it to us to inform accurately on all that ails him so that we know as soon as possible whether he will be running for reelection.  Not that it matters in a way, but it is such basic courtesy to allow the PSUV to start picking its successor....  From his looks we know that it is a bad one, likely prostate or colon, with all the physical limitations that those imply from permanent drains to colostomy bags.

What I am afraid of is that all political decisions are made to transform Chavez into some hero.  That they might not be the best decision is a point up for discussion but I have that negative vibe that what is best for Venezuela is really not what matters right now.  In fact, I have the sorry impression that decisions are not even taken into the beast health interests of Chavez....  Who takes them?