If someone still thinks Venezuela is a democracy

If someone still thinks Venezuela is a democracy, he should listen to Adán Chávez Frías, the president's brother and current governor of Barinas, the state were Chávez was born:

From minute 2:05
"within that strategic planning there is the electoral tactic, but also and as part of the ideological formation, it should be clear that the electoral path is not the only path and therefore we should not forget other possibilities of struggle according to the circumstances that mark our historical path. Che Guevara expressed that well when he stressed in a writing in 1961 that the real capacity of a revolutionary...is to find find the adequate revolutionary tactics according to every change of situation...and to explore those tactics the best he or she can...our Bolivarian process started through the electoral path...and we want to go through there, through a pacific way that allows to build Bolivarian socialism (sic), but aware of the dangers that threaten us, sure (sic) that the enemy does not rest, we cannot forget, as authentic revolutionaries, other methods of struggle...it would be unforgivable to limit oneself to the electoral path and not see the other methods, even the armed struggle...to get to power...because if we don't get the power - and we need to say if we don't keep the power and strengthen the power...all the other conquests are unstable".

Sure, Chávez's clan and the Bolibourgeoisie would not be able to use Venezuela as their kingdom if they were to lose the elections.

This guy should go to trial. Unfortunately, Venezuelan judges are just puppets for Chávez and his clan.