Should we make anything out of the threats from Chavez older brother?

Adan Chavez is the oldest brother of  Hugo Chavez.  He has been put in places where he could keep an eye on the "famiglia" business, such as the embassy in Havana when the Chavez can was building its fortune.  Adan Chavez was also the "more" educated sibling, the one that made it to teach at low levels in some campus, and the one that was a communist early in life, allegedly one of the main forces in turning Chavez to "passé" ideologies.

Then, apparently his greed was too much for Chavez who dispatched him to Barinas state, their home state, to succeed his father as governor.  Of course, Barinas is now a private estate of the Chavez and there needs to be at all times one of the capo in charge: too many landed interests for the family now there!  Barinas is now a feudal land.  Curiously he barely made it at election time and his election is widely accepted as the least clean of all elections of 2008 (I personally think there was cheating there, favored by an opposition division which played right into the hands of Chavez).  Since then Barinas is reported has having active death squads....

Thus we cannot be surprised by Adan Chavez words this week end as to remind the PSUV base that there are other ways to reach power than elections.  That is, armed insurrection if necessary and to hell with democracy and elections.

Before we get all up in arms over such preposterous words we have to understand that these words come form someone who has not had any political success in life, who owes it all to Hugo, charisma (a chip on a shoulder somewhere maybe?), someone who from his communist past has reached such a corrupt present that he knows very well that under a normal situation he would be sent to court where a guilty verdict is easy to predict. 

The guy is scared, his bro might be croaking but obviously he is way more concerned by the family's survival than Hugo in Havana.  Thus he is behaving like your average capo di mafia, threatening folks even if he is likely a coward.  His words, you know, are said much more for his rivals inside chavismo than against us in the opposition.  True, there are unacceptable and extremely dangerous, but Adan Chavez will go first against, say, Jaua than this blogger.