Know thy words!

There is cute test floating around which aims at telling you how many words you do know in English.  Through an extrapolation of easy to more difficult words.  My result is:

Which is quite good for a foreigner, someone who truly learned English in his very late teens and who left for the states for a few years in his mid twenties.  Needless to say that I am off the scale for non native speakers and that I would be in the top 5% if I were accounted as a native speaker.  Now, before you think that I am bragging, having been in academia for a decade and a half in the US, and having my reading 80% in English for the last 25 years give me an advantage.....  but of course, I prefer to stress the "non native" for my daily ego boost.  Now, at a grammar test I might not do so well, as readers often point out obligingly  :)