Le French non-crime wave

What is wrong with this picture?

It is late evening, it is low tide for a few more hours, and these two boats (among hundreds) have their auxiliary motors ready for the picking....  And nobody steal them. (and no, there are no cops stationed on the beach all night long).  In fact, in this particular resort you only see cops when there is an accident, a home burning up, etc...  Year round residents sleep often forgetting to lock up their doors, even in the mid of tourist season.....

Compare with this video from a Spanish TV show picked up by megaresistencia.  As your summer homework, meditate how can Venezuela ever recover from chavismo.

Sorry, I am on vacation and no translation. But the guys are 1) downloading every single item of their boat ashore for the night 'cause someone else will do so if they leave them inside. and 2) the other guy curses madly Chavez and "consejos comunales".