The Vin, this is what´s for lunch

It is easy to forget how intimate is the relationship between the French and wine, to the point that wine is making its way more and more into the "aperitif" hour at the expense of horrors such as Pastis.  After all, French wine production keeps improving and so French people do feel like drinking more of it.

Every year new fashions start and some stick.  One that is developing is the Bordeaux "clairet" which is not a rosé, God forbid!  I suppose Clairet is a throw back to older times when the British called clairet the wine they got from Bordeaux.  Or some of it anyway, but what did they know?  The thing is that clairet is a great invention for summer, and in Bordeaux much better than those generic rosé that harass our taste buds.

But when serious fare is at stake for lunch, like lamb chops, we revert to nature and nothing less than a great Pomerol will do (or course  my very unbiased opinion).  It comes with accumulated dirt from a real "cave" which even dusted off leaves marks on the label.