Chavez return from chemo II

So Chavez returns from Cuba after his acknowledged second session of chemotherapy.  Noticias 24 gives the gross display of that return.....  making us sympathy puke along Chavez's side effects. 

First there is a video which starts with a music that is not Venezuelan.  Goes to tell you that the propaganda ministry has to be now in the hands of Cubans who think our music is generic quena Andean concoctions...  I do not know about you but I find it insulting.  Heck, 12 years of "revolution" and Ali Primera is still the lone musical reference of revolutionary-protest music?

But fear not, in addition of all the cabinet at night on a Saturday waiting for Chavez to land (do they ever spend time at their office?), there was Mari Pili Hernandez a rather very faded youth minster (now that she failed as director of Canal i, bringing it to bankruptcy), serenading Chavez with at least a true Venezuelan song if occasionally off tune.

In chavismo there is not only Chavez who is sick......

Hat Tip Gustavo