The irrational US support to Israel and ethnic cleansing

Do yourself a favour and get yourself the book by Mearsheimer and Walt, the Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy.

Don't just read what this or that group says about the book. Get the book yourself, read it and think about it. Reality is a little bit different from what we read in that Exodus novel.

An interview with Mearsheimer in 2010

Unlike what Mearsheimer and others say, I don't think Arabs will outnumber Jews in either a one or a two-state solution. Birth rates have been leveling off.

The Israeli government approved a couple of days ago more settlements in land stolen from the Palestineans. Excuse? They claim they are more linked to the Jews of 2000 years ago than the Palestinians who have lived there.

And here you have Amin Hass, a journalist from Ha'aretz. Listen from minute 7.