While military man Hugo Chávez repeats ad nauseam he wants to go on living...

While military strongman Hugo Chávez repeats ad nauseam he wants to go on living (1 2 3), humble Venezuelans get murdered every week because of the government's incompetence. The murder rate has more than tripled since the military caste came back to power, in 199.

Chávez has a 24-hour show about how he is now "living alive". He seems to have forgotten how he forced the military to repeat after him for years the slogan "Fatherland, Socialism or Death" and how he constantly says that if the alternative forces come to power blood will be shed. He parades some fans who have shaved their heads "in his  support", but he doesn't do anything real about the horrible crime scene in Venezuela.

Yesterday some thugs killed a girl who was about to finish her studies in medicine in Valencia. Today another young woman was shot dead in Catia La Mar because some thugs wanted her BlackBerry. At least 23 people were murdered in Caracas this weekend - nothing unusual in Bolivarian Venezuela. Hundreds more have been murdered all around Venezuela. Over 16000 people will get murdered this year. Mexico, in spite of going through hell now with the gang wars, has a murder rate that is a fraction of what Venezuela under Chávez has - Venezuela has just a fraction of Mexico's population.

But Chávez messages appear every minute in the pervasive state media where Chávez says how much he wants to go on living. Well: we can sympathize with that, but Chávez definitely only sympathizes with himself.
For how long will useful idiots keep defending Chávez abroad?

Ps.  Francisco Toro writes about how Chávez's media perceives the Libyan conflict. Don't miss it.