Chavez leaves for Cuba, leaves clear orders

So Hugo left today for Cuba for his 4th cycle of chemotherapy.  His last one he hopes.  He takes along his sidekick Evo.  Probably to receive both of them fresh Cuban orders while he is hooked up to some IV drip.  First question: since the third cycle was done in Venezuela, why the need for the 4th one in Cuba?  Second question, when will the Venezuelan people be allowed to go for free to Cuba for their own chemotherapy, if needed?  Not that they are receiving it for free in Venezuela, mind you1

But I digress.  The point is that Chavez is pissed off after a bad week and left with a flourish of insults, wishful thinking and threats, all in a single cadena.

If the wishful thinking was for his health (he looks worse and worse) the insults were for the Inter American Court for Human Rights who gave him a major defeat yesterday.  So he did what comes to him naturally, to a bully: I am not playing anymore, you do not exist "es un cero a la izquierda" (a Zero).  That means, obviously, that the Luisa Estella's high court received its marching orders to decide ASAP, preferably while he is in Cuba, that the IACHR rulings are invalid in Venezuela.  It is important to pretend that the court is independent: that is why it will most likely rule against the IACDH while Chavez is in Cuba.  Luisa Estella must be busy this week end writing whatever comes off her arse.

The threats were for the banks and bourgeoisie.  Apparently if the private banks do not stop swindling "el pueblo" then he will nationalize them.  Another stupid question if I may: if the banks are indeed swindling el pueblo why is there not some judicial proceedings against them?  Is expropriation a mere form of economic "inhabilitación" a la Leopoldo Lopez?

Oh dear, we are not done paying for that civil rights victory yesterday.....

PS: I wonder what many countries will think of Chavez insults to the IACHR.  The court had a very significant role in helping the victims of the military years there and when they read stuff like that in their media they certainly will wonder about Chavez education and sanity...