When "revolutions" die

All revolutions die, eventually, and the more so if they are fake revolutions.

The "bolivarian" one started its demise the day it lost the students of Venezuela, the very group that should have sustained its, intellectually.  Since then it has been a long drawn agony, marked by increasing violence, corruption, drug trafficking and what not, to become what is today a mere narco-state in the making.

It is thus only fitting that the other "revolution", the one that was propped by Chavez, the one that actually had at least some genuine revolutionary pretense, the "indigenous" revolution of Bolivia would find its demise in the repression of indigenous people.  What they did to the Amazon natives in Bolivia who protested on ecological and native rights, has no name.  It is not that so far it has caused the resignation of several high ranking officers (at least in Bolivia they still have enough shame that they resign), it is that an indigenous president is at the helm when indigenous folks, not of his tribe, are repressed.

It does not matter what Evo Morales does from now on, he might close all media in Bolivia if necessary, his revolution is near dead.