Of martyrs and burning bridges

Casually surfing during my breakfast I stopped at Spain's state TV, TVE.  They may have been focused on the latest announcement of ETA deposing its armed struggle unilaterally but they still had time to trash Chavez.  In Spain the state TV always has round tables of 3-4 journalists coming from both sides of the political spectra.  This morning they were all considering Chavez words on Qaddafi yesterday a disgrace.  Even though they had debated before whether Qaddafi should have been sent to trial or shot outright.  TVE puts a video of Chavez.

Indeed one must wonder about Chavez yesterday at Church stating that Qaddafi had been murdered by the empire and its European allies, that he was a martyr, that he will long be revered, that it was not over because there a "pueblo" in Libya with dignity.  I suppose that no one showed Chavez the video I put in my blog yesterday about said dignity.

We must wonder about the why of such a decision to support Qaddafi to such an extent (without ever sending any concrete help that we know of, not even an offer of safe exile).  But we also must note that Chavez language now places Europe and the US on the same imperialist footing.  It is too simplistic to see this a a reaction from Europeans not willing to receive him anymore, so toxic he has become in recent months, just as he last ally, the PSOE of Spain is about to leave office.  Venezuela can only lose from such politicking, and we can hardly see what Chavez can expect to really gain when we see how easily China and Russia ditched Qaddafi at the end.

And we can also dismiss the friendship between the two creeps.  After all, it bears repeating, Chavez support was only hot air as far as I can see (at least he sent Maduro to Syria, more than what eh did for Qaddafi). Even if El Nacional recounts the main accords between Libya and Chavez, that is not where the link is.  True, now that Qaddafi is gone the new Libyan regime will have time to dig through the rubble and reveal some of the not very kosher agreements between Chavez and Qaddafi.

But personally I think that the whole support is a joint effort between the Castros and Chavez who know that revelations are coming and who are already setting the stage to dismiss them just like they tried to do with the FARC computers in the last couple of years.  Amen of perceiving their eventual fate in the Sirte mirror.  The Castros who know that they will be toast in Europe once the PSOE is gone are willing to burn bridges with Europe, and Chavez is letting himself be dragged in that silliness.

Unfortunately for Chavez Libya has no common frontiers with Venezuela and if they find stuff they will have no reason to hide it as a blackmailing tool.  Or will they?