How the Land of Grace is being raped...again

News come from Venezuela's South-East, news come but only regional newspapers seem to pay attention. In Caracas people don't care a fig about that region. Abroad nobody will now, but you and a couple of others, maybe.

There is gold in that region. For decades now there have been illegal miners there and they have become more and more. The military has always closed one eye while pretending to protect the area.

I read an article in Notitarde about the latest slaughter in one of the illegal mines there. I read between the lines.

There was a fight between several gangs trying to control a gold mine. Lots of people got killed. The military arrived there, again, to stop the fight. Now they are burying the corpses quickly.

When the fight started, there were more than 5000 miners there.

5000 miners using mercury and other poisons in our jungle. 5000 miners who are part of a much bigger group of squatters who are settling down in our jungles, where one of our last First Nations still lives.