Saturday cartoons

For a lighter Saturday, have three cartoons of Tal Cual's Weil, back from a long holiday.  Also for me a good way to make a quick post as I am way too busy in Caracas these days....
On the opposition primary and its candidates.

An imaginary PSUV primary campaign debate.  Chavez is alone, the moderator is chavista and yet Chavez decides to skip the question.  No kidding, I am sure that this has crossed Chavez mind, how to debate himself....

Why Chavez hates so much the concept of opposition primary debates: during a cadena of B.S. his supporters prefer to discuss the opposition candidates merits and demerits.

Note that Weil has put back Chavez with a boot head since he claims he is cured and the air grows again.

And now for a candidate cartoon, Arria as a ball wrecker

"Let me explain to you the first thing we need to do with an illegitimate government"