From rumors to panic?

It is Tuesday and we do not know whether Chavez is alive, cut up, sewn up, under test, etc, etc...  Rumors are flying of course and even Boccaranda the great is resorting to Brazilian "gossip" (I do not know what word to use at this point).

And not only chavismo is in panic (here and here) but now my distinguished colleague, pro Capriles to the hilt, is starting to panic slightly.  Time to get a 2 weeks supply of food and water before popping that corn and watch TV news?  For the record, I am not as sanguine as my colleague and even if I do not like Capriles much I have more faith in him than he seems to do.  Not only that, but even if Capriles were to be jailed, there are at least three leaders in the opposition ready to step ahead on the spot.  MCM for one would jump over a tank in a jiffy.  LL has proven himself under tear gas attacks (see recurrent VTV footage of 2001).  Etc....

At any rate, my advice remains the same.  Read as many rumors as you wish but do not lose sleep over them.  I for one only read those that come to my mail box on their own :)