Chávez, his death and the death of others

Chávez came back from Cuba, where he had his second radiotherapy round this year. He said it was fine. Instead of landing in Maiquetía, next to Caracas, he landed in Barinas, close to his home town.
Barinas, in Barinas

While going out of the plane he gave his condolences for Aguilarte, ex governor of Apure, who died after being shot during an assault a few days earlier. That politician had had to step down recently because of some fuzzy corruption accusations no one is clear about. Chávez also had to give his condolences for the recently deceased PSUV regional deputy Juan Carlos Figarella, who died of a respiratory arrest after he was assaulted as well.

What does the military caudillo say about both events? "These things happen". 

He keeps saying and twitting things like this:

"Allá vemos al General Presidente Raúl Castro! Gracias Fidel! Gracias Raúl! Gracias Cuba! Viviremos y Venceremos!"
There we see general president Raúl Castro! Thanks Fidel! Thanks Raúl! Thanks Cuba! We shall live and overcome!"

And all his fans repeat: we shall live and overcome.

What they don't realise is how often Chávez uses the first person plural.

Ps. Chávez also said he wanted to go very soon to Brazil. Can it be because he is looking for a better treatment than in Cuba?