Titanic versus Congo

I just read there are all kinds of "memorial services" for the Titanic tragedy of 1912. The thing is that not only the producers of the Titanic film and the guys selling memorabilia are onto that but a lot of other people in the West.

While the Titanic tragedy led to the improvement of security standards for navigation I wonder what's the point on the whole thing. I wonder why nobody seems to remember the nearly 1 million deaths of the Second Congo War - a war that is still not quite finished - or the over 300000 deaths of the current Somali conflict - almost nobody, that is, outside those living there and those who fled from those places.

Perhaps it's time for us to think about that while we are eating some delicious fish caught in Somali waters by some EU, US or Chinese crawlers or while using some device that contains Congolese cobalt.

Can we ask the deputies of our constituencies about what our countries can do for sustainable development in those places?