Urgent murine update: Aponte Aponte flies to the US in a DEA plane

Yes, that is right, reported by BBC mundo itself: former "justice" Aponte Aponte who escaped Venezuela to Costa Rica has taken a flight to the US in a DEA plane.  Many questions are thus put forward:

1. Did he join a kind of witness protection program in the US?  Clearly, the US of A does not offer such courtesies unless you are willing to cooperate in the war against drugs AND have something substantial to offer.  Pissing off Chavez is not enough (though it sure is an incentive).

2. If Aponte Aponte has goods to offer the reviled gringo, how was he able to take them with him?  We are not talking pen drive here, we are talking actual documents.  He was able to get access to them, to copy them, to certify them, etc...  and to take them out with him at some point.

3. How come a fired "justice" of the Venezuelan TSJ was able to leave the country, with his documents?  The last part of the question is easy: he knew who he was dealing with in Venezuela and thus he must have been taking precautions for a long time.  Neo-totalitarian regimes function on blackmail of all against all.  The first part of this question can only be answered if someone inside the regime helped him out.  Not surprising at all in a rotting regime fighting a succession war.  Aponte Aponte is being used by a faction to shoot down another faction.

4. Who helped Aponte Aponte leave Venezuela, file cabinet included?  That one I have no answer for.  First, there are many factions that can benefit with the fugitive revelations to the DEA/FBI/CIA/whatever. But second, we certainly know which of the factions is the one standing to lose the most from evidence offered to the US.  This faction is the one of the narco generals that have prospered under Chavez, courtesy of his more than lax posture towards drug trafficking.  One of their top members is currently defense minister of Venezuela, and thus close enough to the throne to make a bid for it, were this one to be suddenly vacated.

Conclusion (provisional).  Aponte escaped helped by a group.  It would have been impossible otherwise.  The gravity of the accusations against him which deserved a swift demotion form the high court should have been enough to send him into at least house arrest until the whole case was investigated.  Yet the man found his way out of Venezuela without trouble.  In a military regime this is only possible if part of the armed forces and part of the government collaborate for such an exit, with the necessary evidence to sink someone.

Right now if I were to bet money I would say that the two suspects are the Cabello group who needs to get rid of the narco generals and Cuba who supports them, or a civilian group inside chavismo that is getting tired of the whole thing and that even if not prominent is growing enough and is tied enough with the remains of a semi decent military faction to act.  Such a group does not need to be big and could include a couple of justices, a governor or two and some colonels or generals in charge of a given airport.

Other guesses are welcome and I may add as a footnote the best one :)