Apologies to the Syrian people

To the brave people of Syria fighting for its freedom.

Today we learned that Venezuela, has decided to send a third shipment of fuel to your government, the type of fuel that allows army tanks and trucks to run. The government of your country is massacring the people that oppose the dictatorship. Everyday we are getting new evidence of these massacres that my government seems to be among the rare ones to ignore. Such as the one in the village of Rankous. Massacres helped along by the fuel from Venezuela. The rulers of my country are associated with the devastation and the crimes of Assad and his acolytes.

I want you to know, with all my personal sentiment, that many of us in Venezuela condemn with all our heart the foul actions of our regime en Venezuela. It is our hope that some day we will bring to account the direct responsible of those shipments to Syria, Hugo Chávez, Nicolás Maduro and Rafael Ramírez, so that they will stand trial for crimes against humanity. I personally promise you to make all possible efforts so that those crimes will never be forgotten.