Did they meet? Church and tHUGOcracy meeting?

I alsmot posted on it last night but it was too late and too many hours on the road.  But the news was the unconfirmed report that the higher echelons of chavismo met with the higher echelons of the catholic church of Venezuela.

Globovision seems to stand by that scoop today, at 10:23 AM at least, while no one else around says so, and twitter gossip cannot make up its mind on the subject.

So let's assume they did meet and let's look at what it means.

Globo tells us that it was Jaua, the Veep, Godgiven, the self anointed heir, Maduro, the wannabe Cuban promoted heir and JVR, the ever participating to all of these conclaves to shore up the sagging fortunes of Hugo, always thinking of himself as Prez for at least a few weeks before he dies.  Chavez was missing.  So was Venezuela's Cardinal.

Only one interpretation comes to mind: Chavez is really doing bad and after bashing the church for so many years they go back to it, just as the Castro's are doing in Cuba, to help them with the difficult transition.

Should we start a poll as to how many weeks are left for Chavez?  Or a poll as to how likely it is that this meeting really was held?

Then again there is always the possibility of the regime meeting with the Church is to make silly bloggers like me write on the topic...