So many chavistas are idiots...

... and Weil nails them today.

Screaming Pro Chavez Marcher (May 1st parade?): In the other governments we had no right to housing nor to jobs
Anchor Person: Do you have housing?
AP: A job?
SPCM. Neither

This is the result of 12 years of brain washing: utter disconnection with reality.

And I am sorry if this is not P.C. but my patience is running thin., and thus I just loved, LOVE$D this cartoon.  Just as I am calculating the new business costs of the labor law which are NOT going to go in the pockets of workers, as usual, by the way, courtesy among other things to inflation and insecurity.  But who am I to emit an opinion?  How can I possibly know that there will be even less jobs and consequently even less housing?