Yesterday in Caracas

We saw these:

-the main thoroughfare of Caracas was closed down because the La Planta jail was in open revolt and the regime unable to put it down.  The whole city crashed in traffic.  No information or concerted visible from the government to help the city to cope.

- journalists trying to cover were barred from doing it and their stuff confiscated

- the state phone company started blocking access to web pages.  People are starting to learn how to use proxies.

- part of the available coverage came from the neighbors running for cover at the clouds of tear gas

- El Chigüire had the nerve to joke about the whole thing by inventing a street vendor peddling life insurance to folks stuck in traffic

- a minister had actually the gumption to congratulate Iris Varela, the warden general of the country, claiming her to be finally the first one to do anything about jails, conveniently forgetting that his coreligionists have been soon 14 years in office.  And thus admitting out of his sheer stupidity and militancy that indeed the regime has run out of answers.  If it ever had them to begin with.

Repression and media blockage are becoming routine coping strategies for a government, again, out of answers.

Now, is there any doubt that the regime has entered into a state of smelly liquefaction?