That Paraguay thing: Dilma Roussef is the most ridiculous of them all

I would love to make an extensive article on Paraguay but time is not with me.  Suffice a single observation: when a "coup" is against a president, all raise arms in anguish, including Dilma Roussef that should have known better, if anything as to the responsibilities of her continent sized country and the still smarting fiasco of Lula in Honduras.  However when the "coup" is against a parliament of a judicial system, nobody cares to talk much about it.  The hypocrisy is deafening.  When Chavez did a parliamentary coup in 2010 against the elected new National Assembly, having the lame duck one empty it of any power for 18 months and castrating it of any significant influence for the rest of its term, nobody at UNASUR, nobody at Mercosur, nobody at OAS did much protesting, if it were not for, guess what, the Paraguayan Senate.

I am not going to enter into any consideration of whether Lugo had it coming, just pointing out that with a year left in his term maybe it is not worth the grief.  The precedents in Venezuela and Ecuador should have been kept in mind.

No, my point is that the "outrage" is in part at the tiny Paraguayan Senate for not allowing the corrupt business and governmental practices of big and powerful Brazil and Argentina with Venezuela run free of any control.  Mercosur may die with Lugo and I, for one, will not miss it.

There, somebody had to say it.