The History of the Decline and Fall of Chavismo

People interested in history will probably remember the classic History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. Historian Gibbon analysed at great length the probable reasons for the end of Rome. There have been other contending hypotheses about how that powerful political entity came to its end and even now the discussion keeps stirring historians worldwide. When we take a look at Venezuela, though, the reasons for the eventual fall of Chavismo become much clearer even now.

On April 2010 - according to government officials - an iguana caused a major power outage in Western Venezuela.

On 14 June it was a common opossum that - again according to government officials - caused a prolonged blackout in Ciudad Guayana, one of our main cities.

As Miguel writes in his latest post, it is incredible that such important electricity hubs as the one of Ciudad Guayana could receive such a poor maintenance that this happens - if the story is true, of course.

The pattern is there for all to see: the total collapse of Venezuela's electricity network - and hence of the Bolivarian regime - will undoubtedly lie in the teeth of an agouti

or perhaps of a tapir?