Shameful behavior, in our English-Language Venezuelan' blogosphere

As far as I know there are only 9 opposition- oriented Venezuelan English blogs. One is a photoblog (brilliant, by the way. I can't tell if this blog is opposition-oriented, nor do I care). If I'm not mistaken, only three (4 if you count the photoblog) are written from Venezuela, the rest are in charge of expats (there are all listed in my links' section). With my departure next week, even fewer English blogs will be written inside the country. With such a small blogosphere, and so many issues to publish and discuss about our country’ situation you might think that there is solidarity and mutual respect between bloggers, despite its differences. But given what I have just read in CaracasChronicles’ discussion about the newest addition to our blogosphere, there is none. Something is seriously wrong when you, as a blogger or commenter, consider yourself better than others.  I personally welcome this new blog called "Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights" as I have welcomed others. Any new blog enriches the discussion plus gives more variety to this blogosphere. And this is never a bad thing.
- Do not click anywhere, there is no rest-.