This is post 3,500; and hopefully counting

Just to underline that, without forgetting to underline also that even if not all posts are from me, more than 3,000 are, over ten years. That is, almost a post a day, for soon ten years.

Now, in spite of allegations that I am paid for that, allegations regularly coming from chavistas, through comments in this blog to the staff of Jose Vicente Rangel himself, no money in the world could have compensated me. A blog like this is a labor of love, with a drive, a statement of ethics and principles in front of adversity and degradation.

Only one person holds such consistency, Miguel.  Quico occasionally self combusted and Alek sort of gave up, not to demerit them at all, not to question their drive or motivation, but as a mere statement of fact.  They may beat me in the end, in years and/or #posts but they need me to quit first.  The thing is that we were all 4 pioneers and we have written at the very least an historical footnote that I doubt exists elsewhere worthy of comparison  And none of us would have accomplished what we did if it were not for the existence of the other three, and those who we involved along the long road

As for those who are supposed to hold the true ideal, who work for humanity's communist or socialist XXI redemption, who have found in Chavez and Castro their reason to live, not a single one of them was able to take on us, even when lavishly paid.  All are gone, sometime to other sponsors, without having had the courage to admit that maybe they had make a mistake, at least with Chavez. They were the real mercenaries, we are the right stuff.