Election day coverage at VN&V

The bad news is that I will stay at home passing on the possibility of being in the Caracas excitement and even get an accreditation as a "foreign corespondent"  to hang out with some of these journalists and assorted who have covered rather not well the election and see their faces when Capriles wins as this humble blogger writes since August. Yes, I am that confident.

If I have not made any effort to become more fashionable that does not mean that there is a lack of motives to visiti here on occasion.

I will do my now traditional election day post with little tids and bits form around.

I will supplement it with twitter @danielduquenal were for once I will retweet more than usual what I consider the worthy tweets (I am sole judge). That probably will happen a lot in the voting line.

I will lower the posting restrictions so if you want you can debate more freely than usual but be warned that I will erase mercilessly idiotic comments and those who replied to such inanities. Be they from chavistas or oppo in anxiety attack. There will be enough stress as it is.

I will be working all day at the computer because 1) there is going to be a VN&V mini CNE count (details tomorrow) and 2) I will write a couple of posts about the future of this blog and what is in waiting for Capriles (though this will be highly limited if I stay hours on line to vote....)

That I have been low key this year around has not stopped me to get a couple of interviews. The one for an Austrian radio has no link, but you can hear my talk with the Cuban exile in the US who are all but more anxious than ourselves about the result of tomorrow.  We had a nice chat with Silvio.

See you tomorrow!  Sweet dreams of freedom tonight!